Mar 17

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By this time my spirit guides were well & truly making their presence known, I seemed to just know stuff they were telling me & the signs kept coming. With my neverending thirst for knowledge I began a new search, one that with my heart leading the way brought me to a whole new awareness, I wondered what more there was & thought about the dimensions in which spirits existed, I would devour information like a sponge, the best part about discovering new things on the spiritual journey is the awesome confirmations you get after doing meditation.

Basically you do meditation & during that session I would get visions of things or my spirit guides would show me things or even take me places & then the very next day I would be reading something & I would stumble across the exact information that I had been shown the night before during meditation it was pretty amazing to say the least.
Though I wasn't really searching for it I came across information about starseeds, I was so drawn to the word starseed that I looked up all information that I could find about them, I read everything about what a starseed was & it was almost like my soul was leaping out of my chest whenever I came across starseeds, even now just typing the word or saying the word & my soul just bursts. I knew deep down there was something about starseeds that I was meant to know about, my soul was leading the way & taking me on a journey of self discovery & I didn't want it to ever end, it was so cool to be able to find things out!
I guess after a while the realization just hit me like a tonne of bricks, I was a starseed! I knew it to the very depths of my soul that the feeling I got completely overtook me & shook me to the core, I was so darn excited & couldn't wait to ask my spirit guides about it & begin to want to get to know myself!
I was left wondering why I felt it was so important, I mean starseed is just a word after all & I wanted to work out why I felt the need to use the word as some sort of label or something. Being a starseed is no special than anything else, every single human on the planet is special, you all incarnated here for the same reason, to put it simply you are here to learn, to experience being a human & to love & be loved & so your a starseed too!

What does it mean to be a Starseed? StarseedsΒ are individuals who feel excitement & longing upon learning that they might have originated from another world. They experience the aloneness & separateness that is the state of the human condition, they also have the sense of being foreigners on this planet.

This is my personal opinion on starseeds, you are a starseed! Β You see we all came from somewhere other than here on earth which means that you are also the same as I,Β we all came from the stars/universe, we are consciousness.

So even though I thought being a starseed is pretty special, it is of no big deal when you look at the bigger picture & becoming aware of the fact that we are all the same, here on earth choosing to incarnate for our soul's growth, we all have important lessons to learn & will find out what we are meant to know, when we are meant to know it.

The spiritual journey is not about being something special or feeling like you are any different from another but its about your self discovery & remembering some of who you are or if your lucky & keep chasing it you may even find out or learn where you came from, the point is though that a spiritual awakening is a never ending journey of self fulfillment & excitement, the amount of amazing things you can discover through meditation alone is really quite something.

So if you've been wondering about starseeds & what they are then take this as a sign, I like to say that nothing happens by accident & everything happens for a reason along our journey through life. The Universe is always speaking to us with Universal language & symbols & signs & we always have our spiritual guides helping us along the way, begin to notice the language of the Universe & you will open up a whole new world which in the past, you never thought possible.

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