Nov 16

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If I had to pinpoint the exact moment that I was hurled into my spiritual awakening I would have to say it was whilst on a summer holiday in 2015, during a shopping trip I walked past the aisle containing all things technology like radio's, cd players etc when something out of place caught my eye, it was an afterlife book called The Map of Heaven by Eben Alexander & it had been placed where it shouldn't have been, anyway I took it as a sign & bought it. After reading it I knew I still had a passion for psychic phenomena & decided that I was going to once & for all learn mediumship myself, after all if John Edward could do it then so could I! I bought another few books later on, Alison Dubois, James van praagh but then I began to doubt myself...

When I first started asking questions to my spirit guides, I was struggling with the belief that they were real & did in fact exist so one day I asked for proof, I was sitting at my laptop & from all the information I had read I knew that spirits could "play" with technology so I asked them "if you are here right now then prove it by doing something to my laptop, go on prove it" I said aloud, I sat there waiting for a few minutes thinking to myself ok if nothing happens then I'm not going to bother with this stuff anymore ever again. I began to read an article I had open & as I was reading it & got to the bottom of the page the page then began to scroll on its own, I thought ok that's a fluke & I kept reading, then it happened again right when I had reached the bottom of the page! The hairs at the back of my neck stood straight & I felt my eyes grow wide, anyway it continued to happen at least 8 more times & it kind of freaked me out, I was getting that tingly feeling wash over me & it was then I just knew that I needed more signs & proof. I basically told my spirit guides I was testing them.

Over the following weeks I kept asking for more signs, a crystal in the shape of a cross, a mother mary pendant & an angel pendant were some of the things I would get as signs & just "know" that it was from my spirit guides, not long after that I began to meditate regularly & met my spirit guides by doing guided meditations. I gave them a symbol to use for communicating with me & that started me off by listening to their guidance, I learned to understand when they were around & when they were trying to get me to take notice of something, the next phase of spiritual growth was just around the corner. The story continues in the articleΒ Dive right in


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