Nov 16

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That dreaded word that everyone thinks of that gives them the chills whenever doing a psychic or mediumship reading... EGO

Ugh I had no idea what the word ego even meant when I first started out practicing my psychic development & doing readings, but I was about to learn big time, I was on a roll & I thought gee I'm doing so good, all my readings were spot on & I just couldn't believe how fast my progression was with my development!

So what happened next... You guessed it lol I began to fail with all my readings, yep failed downright miserably & I just couldn't figure out why! I was like what is going on here? So with a little help from others & my guides I began to realize they were teaching me a very valuable lesson, the lesson of how the ego can take over & you can easily lose that link you have with the spirit world. The first thing I learned was to cleanse my chakras & write up a set of rules for my guides to follow when giving readings, without such rules I was being given information from multiple spirits who were trying to get their message across & so my readings were jumbled & got mixed up! By doing it this way I was able to keep track of which person I was doing the reading for & know clearly that I was listening to the right spirit. The second you forget to ask your spirit guides to follow your rules is the second you stuff up a reading again, even now if I forget to ask I STILL get it wrong or it won't make sense for the person who wants a reading & your spirit guides won't care, they will just shrug their shoulders & laugh at you! (well that's what mine do anyway!)

This is another way for the ego to take over, you begin to think oh I just know what to put because it all just begins to flow, well that might be all good & well but if your getting it flowing without asking your guides to ensure the information is for the right person then you could be wasting your time putting all this stuff down for someone who it will not make any sense to. This is where I highly recommend you have a relationship with your spirit guides if you haven't already, you see spirit guides are quite happy to let you fail downright miserably & allow you to get it wrong,Β this is what they want you to do anyway because if they don't allow you to get it wrong then you will never learn to tell the difference between the ego (your own mind) or spirit information.

Another thing you will come across in this field is many people allow their ego to rule them & so you will begin to see many of these people think they are all above the rest & they will start up a business page & begin to charge for readings. Big mistake! Never under any circumstance set up a business in this field unless you have learned well & truly about your ego! You will fail big time & have so much more to lose including your own reputation & credibility, spirit will ensure you learn such a hard lesson if you allow your ego to take control & act as if you are better than everybody else who hasn't developed their abilities. The truth is you & I are no better than anybody else in this field, just because you have spent the time to develop your natural abilities does not make you any more special at all, every single person has different abilities & is special & unique in their own way & every reader has their own qualities that make them just as great as anybody else, so just remember ego is something that will keep coming up as a challenge for you as you go along your journey!

Always remember to keep your ego in check! The very second you begin to think of yourself as being better than somebody else or have any thoughts whatsoever about showing off or trying to make dollars out of your gift or anything else that your ego may test you with is the very second you will begin to experience some very tough lessons from your spirit guides & the spirit world so be warned…

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