Nov 16

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Though I was just at the beginning of developing a relationship with my spirit guides, I had no idea that I was already developing my natural psychic abilities without really doing so intentionally, but as time went by I began to get a real sense of urgency in regards to practicing mediumship, it was something I had yearned for it felt like all my life & it really was the only thing that made sense when taking the next step in my spiritual journey.

It was around this time that I began to search for mediumship circles that helped with psychic development & spiritual communication, I did have one barrier though & that was getting in the way of me trying to seek a group that did this which was close to the area that I lived. After asking my spirit guides if I was headed in the right direction & getting a confirmation that I was, I then asked them for help with what I was meant to do next & what I discovered after reading my emails was an invitation to a group online which specialised in psychic & mediumship development, well there was my next sign, my guides were leading the way & I happily followed the link & joined the group.

By this time most of the information I received from communicating with my spirit guides was through claircognizance which means- clear-knowing & refers to the ability to simply know something to be true even without supporting knowledge or logic or reason. You β€œjust know.” So when I was welcomed into the group & nervous about participating the clear message I got from my guides was "dive right in", this was important to me because I knew my guides were referring to one of my angel cards from a deck called Messages from your angels by Doreen Virtue (the picture of the card is above) Here is the full description from the cards booklet:


Take action. You’re in touch with your truth in this situation, and you need to trust your gut and lovingly assert yourself.

Additional message: Dive right in! There’s no need for more research or time. You can trust your feelings on this one. I will guide you through the actions that are necessary considering the circumstances. Your main concern is to avoid procrastination at all costs. Break the situation down into small steps so that you don’t become overwhelmed. Then take those steps in regular intervals.

You already know what to do about this situation, and you have made up your mind to take action. I am here to validate that your decision is on the path of light. Although there may be some temporary hard work or emotional turmoil, this will soon be replaced by a lightness of spirit akin to gently floating on a summer breeze.

Sometimes you may feel too emotional or tired to take action. That is because your unsure of the correctness of your decisions. Usually unfounded guilt is the culprit that is draining your energy and happiness. This is when its very important to call upon your angels to shore up your faith. Notice how the doors open smoothly with each step you take. That is one more sign that your taking the best course of action.

As you can see the main words my guides gave me were "dive right in" I also got a vision of the card at the same time & so I knew they were telling me to just have a go at the practice posts on the group. I was excited & thought yep lets do it.

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