Nov 16

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Beyond the veil

The first thing I did was begin to practice, I used the same technique that I used with my spirit guides when communicating with them, I would close my eyes, clear my mind & simply just wait, wait to see what came to me & whatever that was I would put it down. At this stage I had no idea whether the information I was receiving was from ego (me) or from spirit, this is one of the hardest things to learn when first beginning to practice readings because at first you think you are just making things up, but I persisted anyway, I thought what have I got to lose, I just have to try & see what happens, learning to trust is hard but that's just part of the journey, you discover things about yourself that you never thought you were capable of before.

I literally started out by giving one word, I had no idea how to even make readings come together as yet & so I would also use my cards as a guide to help me to make sense of it all. I would put down things that just didn't even make any sense to me but as the days & weeks went by something interesting happened which I discovered quite by accident, as I sat at my laptop doing yet another reading & I realized that I could actually see a scene rolling out before me, though I was still closing my eyes & clearing my mind to get my information, it was as I sat there putting it altogether that I could see the spirit talking to me! I rubbed my eyes & shook my head then I closed my eyes again & there he was as clear as day! An old man was doing different tasks, making movements & telling his story to me to pass along the information for his loved one's from beyond the veil! I was so excited & realized it was my clairvoyance kicking in, this was yet another step in the direction of opening up my natural abilities. I was even getting comments from others who were learning about how fast my progression was when opening up my natural abilities, people were asking me for help & I just couldn't explain it to them, I was even astounded myself!

My spirit guides were right there beside me, helping me along the way, I relied on them greatly, perhaps too much, but I was soon to learn there was yet another lesson ahead for me, something my spirit guides wanted to teach me that was important, something that really would make me take a step back again & rethink how I was doing things, something that was & still is to be the biggest lesson of all when working in this field as a psychic, medium & intuitive.

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