Nov 16

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Where it all began

I was born into a Christian family & got baptised as a young child, we would attend church frequently (me at church above), I would say my prayers every night & I was always taught that God was everywhere. I specifically remember asking one day if God was in the seats as well, the answer was yes God is everywhere. I had always felt like there was more to life... that there was something I was missing, I have always had spiritual experiences & spiritual signs & had been wondering & searching my entire life for something... I grew up having a sense that there was something more that I just couldn't quite grasp or understand, my mum has always had psychic experiences & she would talk frequently about these which also drew my interest & I would watch the psychic John Edward on television with her a lot as I grew older.

As a teenager I remember my mum buying me a psychic development book on how to become psychic for my birthday, it was called how psychic are you, I still have this same book & I would read it fascinatingly. I bought my own angel cards not long after this & I would give readings to my family a lot as the years went by. I guess as a result of all this I have always been strongly drawn to the afterlife & the amount of hundreds if not thousands of article’s, books & information I have read repeatedly has helped lead me on my current path. I have spent years devouring information about NDE'S, reincarnation, astral projection, dreams, mediumship, psychic readings, you name it & I would have read about it.

As the years went by I was always fascinated by metaphysics, but after spending more than a decade during that studying phase of my life I ended up moving on & thinking I had finally given up on that type of "stuff" & also I remember thinking to myself that I wasn't going to bother with it anymore & that was the end of that...or so I thought. This is where it all began.

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