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The most wonderful feeling you get when doing a mediumship reading is simply indescribable, I've been so blessed to be able to bring spirits through to their loved one's & sometimes the information they give you is completely amazing, I'll use this article to describe some of the awesome readings I have given to people.

When I communicate with spirits they give me information that not only relates to themselves but also relates to family members & hobbies etc or even things you've been doing lately to show you they have been around you, some things they pass on is very releant to what you are up to at the time.

A really fond reading I gave is one I will never forget, in the spirit world the love is simply beyond description & this particular spirit showed up to me before I even knew I was going to be doing a reading for his family that day, I woke up that morning feeling such a love that all I could do was walk around my house hugging all my family over & over again, I couldn't explain it, I just felt like a walking bubble full of the most purest love I had ever felt in my entire life! During the reading I said I was amazed at the amount of love I was feeling to pass on to his family & that it was the strongest I had felt so far when giving readings, later it turned out during the reading that this spirit also appears to his grandson because when I got the feedback his daughter told me that her son had been saying his grandfather was around him & kept saying to his mum "can you feel the love mum? Just feel the love & you know grandad is here".

To tell you about some of the things a spirit will show you, it can get completely random & make no sense whatsoever at times, this one spirit was clearly showing me birds flying above him & pooping on him from the sky, I had no idea what this meant & really hesitated passing this piece of information to the family because I thought it sounded a bit rude! I bravely explained to the family that I was doing the reading for that this spirit was showing me birds pooping on his head & I didn't know why! They laughed as they explained to me that as a family they would all go bird shooting & that this was a frequent occurence when they did this, needless to say I was astounded at that confirmation & now I will always put down what I'm shown because spirit is never wrong!

I have been priveleged to be shown most personal things, sad things & most wonderful things from spirits when they have come through but one time I will never forget is the time where a spirit decided to tell me off! This happened before I had learned to protect myself & also set boundaries with my spirit guides, it was all part of learning & now that I look back at the spirit who was wagging his finger at me I realize that he was part of that lesson I needed in order to understand more about the spirit world.

I think the main thing that I would want people to know when it comes to learning mediumship is that we are eternal! There will always be those people who don't believe & think that us psychics, mediums & intuitives are all making stuff up & that we are full of it. But for those of us that already know & are priveleged enough to be able to understand that this physical world is just temporary, we truly are so blessed! It's Β our job to give comfort to those still here on earth & to pass on any information we are given to help loved one's know that there family is still very much a part of their life! It's also our job to respect others belief systems no matter what because after all we know the truth & that is all that matters!

The one thing I love to say to people who have doubts or don't believe or understand what it is that we do is that, I will not even try to convince you that what I do is real but there is one thing I will say to you, the words believe & know have a huge difference. I don't just believe the afterlife exists, I KNOW it does β™₯

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