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Sharing knowledge

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Sharing knowledge

Once you realize that you can learn to do mediumship & find out that it's real you get the sudden realization that every person on the planet is capable of doing it & the first thing you want to do is grab people by the shoulders & shake them in excitement! Of course most of society still think that it's a bit "out there" & so it doesn't take long for them to put a dampener on your excitement. I did always have this sense of knowing though that I was meant to help share my knowledge & awaken others along their journey as well so any chance I could get I would just tell people & talk about my experiences, some would listen with interest & others not so much, it wasn't long before I realized it was better to just help others who were going along a similar path to mine by joining groups online.

I have learned quickly that while there are believers, there will always be skeptics & cynics & so the first thing you need to realize is that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs & opinions & it's simply a matter of respecting each other plain & simple.

After practicing psychic readings, mediumship & giving spiritual guidance for quite a while I began to get noticed in another group I had been giving readings to people in, the next thing I knew I received a phone call & was asked if I would like to help out with the running of the group, I accepted & began to help run the group with a few other people, I thought it was a great opportunity in which I could help others with their own psychic development, this is where I met one of my closest friends Amanda, I actually had a very strong intuitive feeling that I had known her before & felt drawn to work with her, the both of us began to put up practice posts in the group to help, guide & teach others to learn how to do psychic & mediumship readings. I knew that part of my life purpose was to help others to become awakened & help them with their own spiritual paths & I was very content at that stage knowing I was finally fulfilling part of my life purpose.

Not long after this I met my friend Michael, I had been looking up information about energy work & came across his Youtube videos, I ended up joining his group & found other like minded people who were on the same journey as I. After nearly a year on & off Amanda & I began to realize it was just us running the group on our own, I had also began to feel in my heart that I needed to move on & my heart was telling me that my time was up there & so I told Amanda that I was leaving & had been thinking about whether to start up a new group, I had decided that I was not going to help run a group when the person who started it wasn't helping at all, I knew I wanted Amanda to come with me to do a new group together but I actually hesitated in asking because I wasn't sure if she would even want to leave, anyway I finally just asked her & told her what I was thinking, I asked if she wanted to join up with me to do a new group, to my surprise she agreed & explained she had also felt the same & that it was time for a change.

While we were discussing what we planned to do we ended up telling the other admin that we were leaving, the reaction was they were not happy at all & they said we were irreplacable & to let them know if we changed our minds, Amanda & I already knew that wasn't going to happen because we had been running the whole group by ourselves anyway & we thought well it's time to move on & that was that. After thinking about some ideas & talking about what we did & didn't want for the group we began to think up a name, we both wanted it to be similar yet different from the previous group & after trying to make up different wording STAR (Spiritual, teaching, awakening & readings) was born.

During this whole time while following my heart I was getting another strong sense that there was still more to this spiritual journey I was on, doing mediumship readings & finding out that everyone can in fact learn how to do it & being able to see spirits was so exciting but then I just couldn't shake the feeling that this wasn't all there is, that talking to spirits is just another drop in the ocean of things to explore spiritually, not to mention dimensionally & so I yet again followed my heart's yearnings to see where it would lead me & what else I was about to discover...

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The present moment is your friend


That dreaded word that everyone thinks of that gives them the chills whenever doing a psychic or mediumship reading... EGO

Ugh I had no idea what the word ego even meant when I first started out practicing my psychic development & doing readings, but I was about to learn big time, I was on a roll & I thought gee I'm doing so good, all my readings were spot on & I just couldn't believe how fast my progression was with my development!

So what happened next... You guessed it lol I began to fail with all my readings, yep failed downright miserably & I just couldn't figure out why! I was like what is going on here? So with a little help from others & my guides I began to realize they were teaching me a very valuable lesson, the lesson of how the ego can take over & you can easily lose that link you have with the spirit world. The first thing I learned was to cleanse my chakras & write up a set of rules for my guides to follow when giving readings, without such rules I was being given information from multiple spirits who were trying to get their message across & so my readings were jumbled & got mixed up! By doing it this way I was able to keep track of which person I was doing the reading for & know clearly that I was listening to the right spirit. The second you forget to ask your spirit guides to follow your rules is the second you stuff up a reading again, even now if I forget to ask I STILL get it wrong or it won't make sense for the person who wants a reading & your spirit guides won't care, they will just shrug their shoulders & laugh at you! (well that's what mine do anyway!)

This is another way for the ego to take over, you begin to think oh I just know what to put because it all just begins to flow, well that might be all good & well but if your getting it flowing without asking your guides to ensure the information is for the right person then you could be wasting your time putting all this stuff down for someone who it will not make any sense to. This is where I highly recommend you have a relationship with your spirit guides if you haven't already, you see spirit guides are quite happy to let you fail downright miserably & allow you to get it wrong, this is what they want you to do anyway because if they don't allow you to get it wrong then you will never learn to tell the difference between the ego (your own mind) or spirit information.

Another thing you will come across in this field is many people allow their ego to rule them & so you will begin to see many of these people think they are all above the rest & they will start up a business page & begin to charge for readings. Big mistake! Never under any circumstance set up a business in this field unless you have learned well & truly about your ego! You will fail big time & have so much more to lose including your own reputation & credibility, spirit will ensure you learn such a hard lesson if you allow your ego to take control & act as if you are better than everybody else who hasn't developed their abilities. The truth is you & I are no better than anybody else in this field, just because you have spent the time to develop your natural abilities does not make you any more special at all, every single person has different abilities & is special & unique in their own way & every reader has their own qualities that make them just as great as anybody else, so just remember ego is something that will keep coming up as a challenge for you as you go along your journey!

Always remember to keep your ego in check! The very second you begin to think of yourself as being better than somebody else or have any thoughts whatsoever about showing off or trying to make dollars out of your gift or anything else that your ego may test you with is the very second you will begin to experience some very tough lessons from your spirit guides & the spirit world so be warned…

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Oct 16

Services/Contact ❤🌟

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Any insight from you is welcome & appreciated, all services below are provided by a donation/payment, all donations go towards supporting & maintaining this website which aims at helping to awaken others along their spiritual journey!

Standard price for all readings $30 (Australian currency)

There are so many different types of readings, the following are just some that I have put down to give you an idea of what's available:

• Spiritual guidance/soul readings - (I will answer 3 questions in detail, I tune into the information my spirit guides or your spirit guides show me clairvoyantly, I will pass on the images I am shown & the information I receive to give you the answers along with a main message from your guides)

• Past life readings - (I tune into the information my spirit guides or your spirit guides show me clairvoyantly, usually it's a random past life that I am shown which provides detail in the era you lived & the life you had, after receiving your reading I will provide a follow up of up to 3 questions)

• Future readings - (I tune into the information my spirit guides or your spirit guides show me clairvoyantly, the information I provide is an insight into your future & may or may not come to fruition due to free will, you decide how far into the future you would like information about & I pass on the messages, after receiving your reading I will provide a follow up of up to 3 questions)

• Mediumship readings - (I tune into your passed loved one & others who have passed, when I communicate with spirits they give me information that not only relates to themselves or things you did together but also relates to family members & hobbies etc or even things you've been doing lately to show you they have been around you, after receiving your reading I will provide a follow up of up to 3 questions)

• Spirit animal totem readings - (I tune into your spirit animal, I will tell you what animal it is & will give you a detailed message, I will pass on the images I am shown & the information I receive to give you the answers along with a main message)

• I ching readings - (I ching is an ancient chinese form of divination, you ask a question and using I ching I will provide the overall message)

• Pendulum readings - (General question answered yes, no or unsure with any extra detail from my spirit guides or yours)

• Angel card readings: There are many different decks such as (Angels, Gods & Goddess's cards, Indigo angel cards, Healing with the angels cards, The enchanted map oracle cards, Messages from your angels cards, Angel therapy cards, Wisdom of Avalon cards & more.

1 card general reading - (around 100 word reading)

3 card general spread - (around 300 word reading, this will give you a general message for clarity in a situation or question.)

Psychic 7 card spread - (around 700 word reading, this will help you find your personal potential, interpretation: 1. Self/soul 2. Heart desires 3. Positive/strengths 4. Negative/lessons 5. Head/what you show to the world 6. Energy/who and where your energy goes to 7. Tenacity/what you really need and where you are going.

13 card Relationship spread - (interpretation ranging from 4 cards focusing on you and how it affects you, 4 cards focusing on how this affects the other person and 5 cards affecting the partnership together, present time, future and possible outcome, around 1300 word reading.)

• Tarot readings

• Signs & Symbols interpretation - (around 100 words for general reading)

• Dream analysis (depending on detail around 100 words for general reading)

*Please note that I will not do any readings regarding third party readings, pregnancy or health, please see disclaimer.

-See my page awakenedstarguide on Facebook for free readings ♥  🙂 https://www.facebook.com/awakenedstarguide/ 

*Prices subject to change without notice. Full refunds provided if you are not entirely satisfied with your service.

Contact me for anything else that may not be listed above, fill out the form below! I'll get back to you soon!

Disclaimer: By law I must state that: The information provided in your classes, readings, guidance advice etc via my articles/posts/emails/messages/files/documents etc is for entertainment purposes only. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of Psychic or Spirit information, and are not responsible for how you interpret or apply it. If you are struggling with serious problems, including chronic illness, mental instability, or legal issues, please consult with your local registered health care or legal professional as soon as possible. Information that's provided to you through these services does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. No readings regarding third party readings, pregnancy or health. Remember you are the director of your own destiny; it is your free will, your own decisions and your chosen path that will ultimately lead you to your destiny! STAR, I take no responsibility whatsoever for any person who does not pay attention to & follow the advice of this disclaimer. You must be 18 years or older to request a Psychic Reading.

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