Nov 16

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Some feedback for readings ??

E. Alberton- "Rebecca you blew me away.. you got so much correct with her...thank you for your reading, you were fantastic at picking up on her..she was one of a kind, and a true lady β™₯"

K. Wiruth- "Thank you so much for connecting with her. You did a wonderful job! "

D. Flanagan- "Your reading wow! Spot on, well done, so much I can relate to! Thank you so much for your time and energy, when I read your reading I sat with a big cheesy grin on my face!"

S. Court- "Wow, that reading was incredible. Thank you so much Rebecca. Lots and lots of things happening in that reading like you said.  Thank you so much for giving me the best reading I have ever had!"

J. Walker- "Thanks for doing my reading, I can honestly say you where quite spot on with most of what you picked up, thanks a million for the reading I appreciate it and we'll done!!!"

A. Fenwick- "I received an incredible & honest reading by Rebecca, it made a lot of sense & meshed well with my current lifestyle & it inspired me to work towards my goals, I honestly believe in everything she relayed back to me, what an experience."

Paige- "When I got my reading from Rebecca it was over the phone. I felt her connect with me, it was like nothing I had ever felt before, I had a ringing in my ears for around 2 minutes like I was being channeled. Then when the ringing stopped I received my reading. She mentioned things that no one knows except for me and my family, mind you I have never met her and I have only talked to her via her sisters Facebook!! Her accuracy was on point. When someone tells you things only you know, you start to believe even more. Later that night I saw an Indian chief during my meditation session which she had a vision that I may have. I felt like she knew me inside and out. She also mentioned my grandmother looking over me. My grandmother passed away when I was a baby so only my family talk about her, and sometimes I talk to her when things are complicated. I have never had a reading before, let alone have someone channel me that is over 3 hours away who I have never met! It was an incredible experience."

Harrison- "I'm 22 years old, a father and someone who is still trying to find there destined pathway through life. After having a few weeks of serious personal issues and relationship issues, I reached out to Rebecca for a reading. I've never had a reading of any kind before and was intrigued at what could be passed onto me. I hoped that if I received a reading it would give me some comfort, reassurance and maybe a spiritual insight in to what I was experiencing and what to expect. After sending Rebecca a picture of only my face I received an incredible response. After somehow sensing my negative emotions of sadness, struggle and being lost in life she firstly stated that spiritually I wasn't alone with what I was facing. That from the other side I had huge support from family and friends who had passed and were watching over me. Rebecca felt that I was father figure and wasn't coping with not seeing my daughter. She mentioned that I was procrastinating with a decision about my future career (Teaching) and somehow sensed that i was already an educator/leader of some sort working towards my goal. To mention a few. I was in shock at how accurate her readings were. She covered several topics of relevancy all with deep descriptions. I will check back in with Rebecca after some time to see where I stand and would definitely recommend her to others for readings of their own."



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