Oct 16

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First off better start by introducing myself. I'm Bec & my reason for starting a blog is a good old thanks to my darling pestering spirit guides! ??That is meant as an endearing term btw, if you are reading this then you know how spirit guides are! ??Now to the fun part (this is where I get to type as many awesome titles & labels that all humans totally love to use) & no I won't stop using the emoticons, it's just one of those things I do lol, ok, ok titles here goes then... You could say I am a Psychic, Intuitive, Medium, Reiki master, Spiritual guidance counsellor, Angel card reader, Tarot card reader, writer etc, etc, I suppose I could throw in a few more labels but mehh that'll surely do! Currently I am practising all those things including: Energy work, Past life readings, Spiritual Photo present & future Readings, I Ching readings, Angel Card Readings, Spiritual Guidance, Crystal advice, Life Guidance, dream interpretation & lots more. Btw you know those first 3 titles I used: I am a Psychic, Intuitive, Medium.... Well you are too!!! Yep you heard correctly, every single person on the planet is & part of my life purpose in doing this blog is to help spread the word! 

This blog is dedicated to my awesome spirit guides Aedan & Olinda & my higher self of course because if it wasn't for their constant nagging then I wouldn't even have bothered because seriously lets face it, learning how to create a website sounds so darn hard & is a heck of a lot of work but it was either do it or get pestered so there you go.

Ok so what is this website going to be about? Well I am sure just the intro has answered most of that but to give you a bit more detail it is basically going to cover me just simply on about my journey awakening to oneness & learning to live in a higher state of consciousness. My hope is that anyone who reads this will be helped by learning all about the other realms of our planet, including psychic development, present awareness, seeing energy, connecting with spirits, raising consciousness, sensing other beings from other dimensions & many more other things. Most importantly if you are reading this then you most likely were brought here by your spirit guides as a sign & I find it a privilege to be able to work with you & help spiritually guide you along your path.

Welcome aboard!



Disclaimer: By law I must state that: The information provided in classes, readings, guidance advice etc via my videos/articles/posts/emails/messages/files/documents etc is for entertainment purposes only. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of Psychic or Spirit information, and are not responsible for how you interpret or apply it. If you are struggling with serious problems, including chronic illness, mental instability, or legal issues, please consult with your local registered health care or legal professional as soon as possible. Information that's provided to you through these services does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. Remember you are the director of your own destiny; it is your free will, your own decisions and your chosen path that will ultimately lead you to your destiny! I take no responsibility whatsoever for any person who does not pay attention to & follow the advice of this disclaimer. You must be 18 years or older to request a Psychic Reading.

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